Health Administration

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We take into account the importance that in order to prevent occupational diseases and to work with quality, it is vital to have work breaks, an enabling environment, tools, comfort and even first aid training.

Below are some of the activities that are carried out as part of the package of hiring professional services in Occupational Administration and Safety:

° Implementation of the emergency plan, and waste plan.

° Organization and regular training of the Emergency Brigade.

° Organization, logistics and evaluation of emergency drills.

° Management and diagnosis of the portable fire extinguisher system.

° Security management for critical tasks.

° Implementation of the occupational health plan.

° Measurement of physical risk factors (lighting, noise and temperature).

° Risk management in the company.

Plans and legal compliance programs.

° Preparation of the Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan, according to the CNE-NA-INTE-DN-01 standard.

° Preparation of the Occupational Health Program, according to agreement of the Occupational Health Council No. 2718-2017 of the ordinary session No. 1937-2017 of Wednesday, February 8, 2017.

° Design of the Integral Waste Management Program, according to Decree No. 39472-S General Regulations for Authorizations and Sanitary Operating Permits granted by the Ministry of Health.